Strategie designu dla strony internetowej


Nowe narzędzia dla WordPressa, takie jak Kadence, sprawiają, że tworzenie skuteczniejszych stron internetowych staje się coraz łatwiejsze, bez konieczności dotykania choćby jednej linijki kodu.

Mimo to nadal niezwykle ważne jest podejmowanie strategicznych decyzji projektowych, których celem będzie zaangażowanie odbiorców, a nie ich odstraszanie. Łatwo jest przyjąć skuteczną strategię i zastosować ją w sposób, który nie działa dobrze.

Przyglądamy się kilku przykładom, które nie działają, ale jednocześnie przedstawiamy kilka kluczowych przykładów, które działają spektakularnie. Kiedy używać slidera? Jak najlepiej wykorzystać animację? A co z popupa? To odcinek o kluczowych strategiach, które pomogą Twojej witrynie wywrzeć znaczący wpływ na budowanie marki w Internecie.

Oczywiście przyglądamy się także nowym funkcjom w Kadence, Kadence Marketplace, nadchodzącemu wydarzeniu Kadence Amplify i nie tylko.

Wideo w języku angielskim, transkrypcja w języku polskim poniżej.

Oś czasu wideo

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:19 The importance of strategy
  • 3:08 Animations
  • 8:52 Popups
  • 13:55 Carousels and sliders
  • 16:25 Designing for distinct customer personas
  • 18:08 Where to use sliders effectively
  • 20:12 Review walls, asking for reviews
  • 22:11 Design decisions with fonts, colors
  • 24:22 Kadence Marketplace
  • 25:56 Kadence Amplify October 20
  • 28:01 Updates to Kadence Blocks with conditional fields, progress bar block, Pexels
  • 30:28 Kadence AI
  • 32:32 FloThemes Move Masterclass


kadence. hannah, we’ve got so much going on. what’s with community stuff and stuff that’s coming up. we’re so busy. what’s up?so busy.hannah: The thing I’m most excited about is that we just launched the Kadence marketplace. Which we’ve been working on for a long time, and basically it is a collective from designers and web creators, and it’s all of their design templates and starter templates and child themes and expertise, and it’s all in one beautiful place, and anybody can access it, and they can purchase from these people, and it’s amazing.It’s like an amazing thing that’s built by our community, but for our community to help people get the most out of Kadence. And I’m like. I’m justKathy: so excited about it. Yeah, I’m so excited about it too, because it’s every once in a while like we were talking about, we go into the Kadence group and it’s oh, wow, there’s a new design library.And here’s another. And it’s getting to the point where it’s we really need to have one place where people can evaluate all of the different child themes and the design libraries, the, block collections and everything. And then, We’ve got tons of people who ask us all the time, like who is a Kadence expert?Somebody who works with Kadence all the time. We’ve got a few people that, that we know, but maybe we’ve got more. So how do people submit their workHannah: On the marketplace page, there is a link at the bottom and you can just fill out the form and enter your information, upload your libraries.And then you can also be in our marketplace so everybody can find you.Kathy: Super exciting. And we’ll have links in the show notes and the description box if you’re watching on YouTube so that you can go check out the marketplace and see what’s there. And we have more stuff coming up with, within the community too.What’s, what else is happening?Hannah: Yes, we also are having our second Kadence Amplify. We actually pushed the date back. We were going to do it this month, and there’s a ton going on. So we have a new date, October 20th, which is Friday. We were going to do it today. And, no problem. October 20th is a much better day.Yes. It’s a Friday. It’ll be all day. We’ll have two tracks very similar to last time. We’ve got some great speakers lined up. Jake Full will be with us. Adam Pryzer will be with us from WP Crafter. And a couple other people that we’re just super excited about. So definitely put that date on your calendar.And we’ll have a schedule. Actually, the schedule should be out now. By the time you’re listening to this podcast, there should be a schedule release. Super excited.Kathy: Yep. Description box below. Save the date. Really interesting speakers about everything for everything that helps you make a better WordPress website.It’s not just about Kadence, but there are some Kadence related talks, but we’ve got some Rachel Winchester, who’s going to be talking about UX. Brandy Lawson, who is one of my dear friends and just released a book. And she was the keynote speaker at WordCamp Phoenix couple 2020 maybe. Brilliant person.And she just released a book. She’s going to talk about scope creep, that evil, horrible thing that makes your projects just turn into monsters. We’re going to kill the scope creep. That’s what it is about. And so I’m excited about Brandy. Cause she’s amazing.Ben: It is a constant challenge.Kathy: Yeah, Brandy is, Brandy’s amazing. I’m just going to talk her up a little bit I will just tell you everything I know about Google analytics. I learned from Brandy. I’m excited about Brandy. Can you tell she’s awesome?It’sHannah: awesome. I love it.Kathy: It’s going to be so cool. I am so excited. I am so excited. It is just going to be so much fun. And we haven’t even talked about all the new stuff with Kadence and look at how excited I am already, but Ben, you just released Kadence blacks some new features.This week what are people playing with?Ben: Yeah. So yeah, we did conditional fields for the advanced form block and that’s really powerful allowing you to basically have one field determined if another field should show further down in your form. So that’s, yeah, that was like phase one of like new enhancements for the advanced form block.And we’re really excited about the future of that. Then there’s the progress bar got a new feature, which allows you to do masking. So you can do shape masks that animate in as the, you set the amount you want to animate in. So it’s a really cool way to do something like as simple as a rating, star rating where you can put like 4.7 and it’ll animate up to 4. 7 of the stars. But it allows you to do custom masking as well. And that opens up a huge door of really interesting things where you can create custom shapes that you iterate over and over, or just have one that you want to fill out. So yeah. That’s cool with the progress bar.And then we released Pexels integration into the media library. So if you want to very quickly and easily search Pexels for an image that you want to be able to drop into your content, you’re writing a blog post, whatever, this makes it super quick. Go to the media library, click on pexels, do a search, choose the one you want, or multiple, you drop them into your site, they already come in sized for web, and they already have alt text, and the image file is using that alt text as well, so you get like a Actual good SEO image file name.And then you can drop that right into your page and away you go. And it’s quick and easy. And yeah, it’s one of my more favorite things we’ve done. Cause it just seems like there’s a lot of times where I’m like, I need an image and I can just go grab one quickly. Really fun.Kathy: It’s so cool. The Pexels thing is so much fun when you’re building out using the design library and it comes in with sort of that soon it’ll be all the AI stuff, right?But right now it’s coming in with those placeholders and you just click on them, go to Pexels and immediately replace them. I did a couple of Quickie like little demos with it. It makes building out a landing page so fast. Just having that Paxils integration, like right there to find the perfect image for all of these places that the design library area is holding space for you to make those kinds of decisions.It’s so much fun. So I’m having a blast with it already. It’s only been out in a few days. So yeah very cool. And I have to ask about AI because people ask. The time.Ben: Yeah. I think the main reason that AI is not out right now is that the licensing and credit system that we’re putting behind it is a, just a monster amount of work to get that right, to be able to upgrade everyone into a system that allows for credit usage and all that stuff.But we’re getting close and in the meantime, as we’ve gotten the inline and the ability to do sections, we’re looking at full site. And getting that fixed because we’ve done a lot of stuff with pages and a lot of stuff with full site. So we’re getting close. So where we thought we’d be like launching sections and then inline and then full site.A lot of those things are coming together as we’re also trying to figure out this whole credit system. But it’s close. We don’t have a date yet. But we’re expecting it to be, at least version one in the next month. No promises, but I think for sure it’s super fun. And you can join our beta and get access right now.Like we have users playing around with it. Go and join the wait list and we can get you. access to the plugin where you can actually play around with it on your site.Kathy: And we will have a link to that wait list down below. So next round of beta testing, you can get in on that. So much fun. I’ve had so much fun playing with it.It’s I, and the more you use it, the more you find like little, because it’s really AI only shows you, it’s almost like a mirror. It shows back to you what you. What you have to give it, right? So if you’re like giving it like tons of information, it can really hone in on what you’re doing. And so it’s definitely an explorer to explore.I’m having fun. Exploring. Words are hard today. I’m exploring it. It’s fun. I can’t wait for everybody else to have fun with it too. Anything else we should talk about?That’s it. Busy little beavers over here building all the things. Very fun. One thing that I will mention in the, I am going to be participating. What? Maybe one of you guys will come with me, but on a Wednesday, so just in a couple of days, if you’re watching this or listening, when it first comes out on Wednesday, I should just say a date. It would be the 27th in the afternoon for Americans. There is going to be a FloThemes migration masterclass that we’ll be participating in. Cause I know a lot of people from FloThemes are coming over to Kadence. And so we’re going to be there with welcome arms. So if we’ll have a link to that in the show notes as well, if you know of someone who is curious about Kadence that is coming from the FloThemes world.We are here for them. So we’ll just get the news out about that too. All right. Another episode in the books and you thought we wouldn’t get this far. Here we are. We’ll talk to you guys next time. See ya.